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What men and women want... in communication
To New Parents... You are not alone!


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What men and women want... in communication

Even the best communicators will run into trouble from time to time, and most of us could use some tweaking (to be diplomatic) on our communication skills. Of all the communication training I have done with couples, one basic tip has emerged as the most important thing to keep in mind in talking with your opposite sex partner.

It's a generalization, to be sure, but it is often the case that men and women are simply looking for different things in a conversation: Men often want to figure out a solution to a problem.

To New Parents... You are not alone!

To all the new parents out there wondering if your relationship can survive, I just want to tell you you're not alone. Yes, having a new baby is a precious blessing, and one that should not be taken for granted. But who expected it to take such a toll? And if you're like most of us, you may have expected that a baby would bring you and your spouse together, not make you feel like strangers living in the same home.

Yes, research tells us that marital satisfaction can take a dive when a new baby enters the home.


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My posts will focus on relationship issues, as well as strategies to enhance individual well-being. I will also try to use this blog as a forum to share information about academic research on therapies.

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